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 Extreme Trampoline

Indoor - Possible
Outdoor - Yes
Operating Space Required - 40ft x 40ft including fully enclosed saftey barrier & night time lighting
Surface - Any resonable flat ground

Duration - 5-8 Mins (Depending on Event)
People - 1-4 (at any time)
Users - 10Kg-85Kg
Smallest permitted users average age 3yrs

This (Stock Photo) shows the unit WITHOUT a saftey barrier or trampoline bottom covers
We only operate with a saftey barrier enclosing our operating area with 1 supervised entrance/exit
For night time use, We have LED flood lighting pointing downwards onto our area/walkway which does not effect any stage performances, firework shows or other main purpose of your event, Should you prefere a little glamour.... we can light the unit up with an array of colours (does not effect the users)