Indoor use - YES
outdoor use - YES
Welcome to Liam Ladder
Commonly known as Jacobs Ladder, Unclimbable Ladder, Loopy Ladder, Crazy Ladder ect You get the idea
The aim of the game is to climb to the top of the ladder without falling off but be careful as the ladder spins around
Great alternative or extra to a Bouncy Castle or Slide, this is something seen on holiday but not been seen around Cumbria for quite some time !
For private hire or "Free to Use" you have the option of not given a prize but give people a chance to test there skill and learn
All hires are to include a travel charge unless our Laser Maze is included in the hire
Half Day Hire  2pm-5pm
Full  Day Hire 10am-5pm
Who will win (old vs young)                                                                        No-one
Lime House School